How To Boost Cannabis Product Sales

How To Boost CBD Products Sales [Unique Marketing Strategies You Haven’t Tried Yet]

Did you know that “CBD gummies” was the third most-searched food term on Google last year?

From tinctures and oils to capsules and sprays, sales for CBD products have skyrocketed over the past few years. And investors are catching up.

If you are running a cannabis business yourself, then you know that advertising comes with a lot of restrictions and you have to get creative with your marketing. Here are some of the strategies you’re probably already using (and if not, you should!):


  • Local SEO
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Blogging and creating industry-related content
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Email marketing

So what other actions can you take to grow your business?


How to market and sell more CBD products for your business

Whether you’re not seeing the results you’d like or you’re not getting enough sales but want your business to grow faster, there are other approaches to increasing profit you may not have tried yet.

So let’s look at some little-known marketing strategies that have been proven to work and increase sales for CBD products 👇


Influencer marketing

Social media is not a friendly place for CBD advertising. Facebook shuts down accounts that market it, Google censors your ads and ranks them lower in their search engine results, and Twitter has a strict policy against cannabis advertising altogether.

So what can you do?

Two words: influencer marketing.


Just because you can’t advertise directly to your customers, doesn’t mean you can’t influence them to buy your product through someone they admire. You do this by collaborating with hundreds of people who have a powerful presence on social media and are relevant to your target audience.

When it comes to influencers, Instagram is a goldmine for CBD marketing. Lots of users are willing to promote cannabis-friendly products, and the platform has the highest engagement out of all social media channels.

Promoting your brand through these influencers increases awareness for your products, helps you build a following and maximizes online sales.

Given that 78% of social influencers use Instagram to collaborate with a brand, you have a lot of options to choose from.


So here’s how you do it:


  • Scope out which accounts would be relevant for your target audience
  • Contact them and see if they are willing to promote cannabis-friendly products
  • Research and experiment with CBD-related hashtags to increase reach and visibility (some examples include #skincare, #cbdgummies, #cbdbeauty)
  • Focus on getting consistent engagement on your posts
  • Analyze comments and responses to each post and see how you can improve your strategy

2. Reddit marketing


Yes, you read that right. The community that is most well-known for scorning aggressive marketing and obvious promo posts is also a community that is very CBD friendly.

Reddit users hate self-promotion but love CBD. So this is more of a hands-on approach that requires some commitment on your part, but it’s also the one that brings in the best results.


Here’s how to do it:


  • Research and get to know your audience thoroughly before making any posts
  • Join subreddits that are relevant to your CBD brand
  • Spend a few weeks upvoting, commenting and engaging with the community to build a strong presence there
  • Share relevant and interesting articles with other members
  • List your business contact information on your profile
  • Start posting and become a contributing member
  • Steer clear of in-your-face, aggressive self-promotion
  • Create useful and entertaining content (even if it’s not always CBD-related) that has the potential to go viral


Influencers and Reddit are some of the most effective and yet most underrated marketing channels for increasing CBD sales. And guess what? Their potential is underestimated by your competition, too.

So, using these two platforms as part of your advertising strategy long-term can give you an advantage over other CBD stores.

Reddit and influencer marketing bring in a significant number of loyal customers that appreciate and respect your brand. And those are the best kind of customers, and the ones you want more of for your business.